Friday, October 10, 2008

Mommy, that really chaps my hide....

My sweet, shy daughter and I just had our first fight. It wasn't over friends, or boys, or hair, or was over Pace Picante Sauce!!!

Lily has loved to eat chip's and salsa since she was little bitty and it's her favorite snack. We were out of salsa and she had been asking me to get her more the next time I went to Wal-Mart. I was getting out to run errands and planned on going to Wal-Mart and said if I did, I would get her salsa. Well, I decided not to go and came home without the goods!!

OMG...the child's world crashed in around her!! She put on this face...a face that can make your skin crawl and she was pissed beyond recognition. She stormed off to her room, slams her door and throws herself on her bed. She didn't speak to me for probably an hour...she didn't speak to anyone, for that matter! I was kind of glad though...I can't imagine what kind of thoughts were going through her pretty little head! To be honest...I was a little afraid of her! The same kind of fear I had for those weird "Goth" girls in high school. The ones who wouldn't speak, you could never see their eyes because their hair was always in their face, but you wouldn't make eye contact with them even if you could see them. I knew behind all that black and hair they were secretly planning my torture and demise...that, or casting a horrible, horrible spell on me.

She calmed down and came out of her room...her face wasn't nearly as contorted, so I was no longer afraid. I explained to her, "There are more important things in life, than salsa" and "Salsa would come and go, but Mommy will be here forever" and "Tis better to have had salsa and eaten it all, than never having had salsa at all" and "Don't worry you'll see, there will be more salsa."

She seemed to understood and it was good preparation for her first broken heart!!


Heidi said...

Oh that's adorable! I love the moral of the story.