Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I'm at a good place in my life...

I have to say...I'm quite proud of myself and my kids...and I guess my husband had some small hand in it somewhere down the line.

For the past month or so, the kids have been telling me who they wanted to be for the big day...Indiana Jones, Darth Vader, Hannah Montana....they rattled off a list of characters for which I would not only be paying for the costume, but the name and the packaging...all I could see was $$$$$$.

I've always kept all the kids old Halloween costumes...for play, for hand-me-downs, extra costumes for multiple parites, etc.... So, in our attic is a large tub with remnants of Halloweens long ago. The other day, at gun-point...Jake climbed up there and brought it down. Hey...it's football season and a girl's gotta do what a gir's gotta do...plus, it was only a BB gun.

When that tub was placed in the middle of the living room...it was magical! The kids faces and eyes were aglow with Halloweeny happiness. They tried everything on, danced and played around...it was amazing to see them so excited about a box of old costumes.

The best thing about it all...the kids have decided to create their own Halloween costumes from bits and pieces of their old ones. So, I can't imagine what they'll come up with...but what I can see clearly is that this year...I will spend a big, old, fat $0.00 on costumes!!!! That's the kinda shit that makes me happy!!!

Here's what makes me so proud about this whole thing...first, I'm proud of the kids for not being so materialistic that they HAVE TO HAVE the newest fad when it comes to dressing up. I'm also extremely proud of their creativity, that...and it should make for a good laugh. Don't worry, I'll definitely post pics of their masterpieces. Lastly, I'm quite proud of Jake and I, as parents. I'm proud that we have instilled in our children that creativity and making something for yourself is fun and something you can be proud of...and I'm quite proud that I'm not one of those psycho moms that will spend a fortune on every accessory for each costume, hair dye, nose jobs...whatever it takes...so the kid looks EXACTLY like the real thing.

This year...I CANNOT wait until October 31st!!!!


Heidi said...

Good for you. I am there with you about the gun point. I love a good football game myself, but seriously 8 hrs (Tech & Cowboy) every.stinkin.weekend. is getting a bit much. I just got Cooper's costume today, I waited until it was WAY on sale & then used a coupon. $10. I can do that. Now if he will just wear it. Oh, are you kidding me? I would not be writing a post at 5 am. I am awake though, thanks to my lovely son, but I am more the growl and drink coffee until I am human again kind of awake. I just change the times of my post to go out 1st thing a.m.