Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I said that?

As a mother of boys...these are things that I say on a regular basis...that still surprise me everytime I say them.....

"The next person to pee on the curtains is going to be beaten!"

"Put the gun down and eat your broccoli!"

"Quit pointing that gun at me and do what I said!"

"No farting on people, that's gross!"

"Put some underwear on, I'm tired of seeing your penis!"

"You didn't 'accidentally' fart...I saw you raise your leg!"

"Get out of here, you're bleeding on my carpet!"

"He let you stab him, now let him stab you!"

"Just flush it, I don't want to see your poop!"



Heidi said...

Holy crap Nikki, I can't raise a boy if it means all that. Will you take him?