Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Me, Circa 1988

There are so many wonderful things about this photo.

First, I'll address the giant mullet, of course. Go ahead, get know you tried to grow one too and you're only mad because I rocked mine so hard!

Next, check out that case you can't tell, it's just run of the mill, straight up, cotton fabric. Not "comfy, oh-so-soft, t-shirt" cotton, but instead its, "don't throw those sheets out there's still some good fabric on there that isn't too stained, let's sew it together and make a shirt" cotton. All this time I've been shopping at Old Navy for school clothes, when everything my kids will ever need in the clothing department is right here in my linen closet. Geniuses, my parents were!

Lastly, I'll address the poofy heart earrings. I'd like to thank my parents for making me wear those...for, had they not, I may still bare the scars of a life-altering gender identity crisis!

Thanks, Mom and Dad!