Monday, August 23, 2010

Today, it hit me...

On my first day of nursing school, I listened for hours on the legalities, regulations, and expectations that will be placed on me as a nurse. I learned that this new career path I've chose, I will spend a lot of time, covering my ass. Making sure that my patients are happy. My coworkers are happy. My bosses are happy. And that the Board is happy. It kinda freaked me out.

As I sat and listened, I realized how much I enjoyed the job I've had for the past twelve years, and the people I've worked with.

My boss is lovely. I mean, a dream. I'd totally hit it. In fact, I have. And do, regularly.

I worked as the lone supervisor, while the boss was away, so I never had to deal with pissy coworkers and their drama. I liked being in charge, with no one around to sue me, if I fucked up. In fact, the only people around to notice if I fucked up, were too young to even vote, so they couldn't if they wanted to!

Speaking of those people. The people who I was supervising while the boss was out. They are great. I mean, the first few years that I worked with them was tough. They were demanding, and kind of annoying really, and they cried a lot. And they soiled themselves, and I'd have to clean it. They were pretty immature. But, they've done some growing up, and lately they have been just a pleasure to work with. They didn't care if I was in my pajamas all day, or if I didn't do the laundry correctly, or regularly, or EVER. They never ratted me out to my boss, if I sat around all day doing nothing, but, jumped up five minutes before the Big Dog arrived home, to keep up the appearance that I'd actually done something. They didn't watch my every move, waiting for a misstep. They never complained to any Board. Or, tried to have my license revoked. They were just a real pleasure.

That's all about to change...and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't terrified!!


Kimmy said...

Yeah...I'm with you on that! I would love to be a SAHM but working part-time will do until then. I enjoy working at my job, a CPA firm. It's just me and the boss and like today, I have some days where it's just me! Can't complain about that.

Good luck with the schooling. It scares me for!

Erin said...

Good Luck. I envy nurses and their ability to do all that they do. And appreciate them more often than I should. You will do great!

Dawn said...

Wow...that's some heavy stuff. I'm scared for you now. That's a big step to go from your previous job to nursing school.

I think a lot of people would have just maintained the status quo. I think that means you are going to be an excellent nurse because you really want it. Any nurse who leaves a job where they can stay in pajamas all day, co-workers that don't care, & the dreamy boss is bound to be good at taking care of people.

Nikki B. said...

kimmy - yeah, that's a good compromise! and thanks!

erin - i hope i'll do great. i mean, i plan on doing great. it's all fun and games 'til you kill a patient, you know... i'm kidding on that one...kinda!

dawn - it just made me want to go back home, slip into my pj's and yes...exactly as you said, maintain my content, and comfortable little status quo. i mean, i'm gonna do this...but, it just "dawned" on me today, dawn :) that i've had it pretty kush, and i've taken it for granted. and i might kinda miss it sometimes.

S.I.F. said...

You are cracking me up right now Nikki... such a great description of your previous job!

You are going to do so great though. I just feel it!

And I can't imagine anyone not loving you!

Kameron said...

I think they make it seem more scray than it is, to err on the side of caution. You are the one that matters. The buffer between the patients and the doctors. The patients will appreciate your huge smile and sense of humor. You're going to do great!

This Daddy said...

Damn, so you are gonna be one of those hottie nurse's. Like the one's T and I see on that Boston Med show. I get pissed cause I never have a hottie nurse.

Damn all you hottie nurses being everywhere except Ga. U suck

Oh on a lighter note...What is the deal for TV, since it is football season?

Heather said...

I'm a nurse, and I'm trying to think of a way to encourage but be honest about your new path. =)

Being a nurse is a great job, you will always have opportunities. Unlike other careers, where you are an applicant fighting for a position...a nurse has employers fighting to have you pick them!

But you are right, you will have to work hard to protect yourself...including employers trying to take advantage and overwork you due to the shortage of staff.

Be strong and fight for yourself and your patients and it will turn out great!

Tim said...

Your gonna be awesome!!!