Thursday, August 26, 2010


A man…


and his remote…

It’s a beautiful thing!!

Football season is starting up, and I would never expect my husband to go without television during the Cowboy’s season.



As of today, we’re plugged back in. 

The kids were thrilled.  I know they were thrilled, because they house was silent when they got home from school.  I mean, silent.  We told them that we would keep the cable until the Cowboys’ season is over, then, the plug will be pulled again…and we’ll be part-time cable viewers.

And with that, “America’s team” has three brand new fans this year!

Go Cowboys…our television viewing pleasure depends on it!


Jes said...

Does that mean you can return to your Dr. Pepper's? :)

Tim said...

Great day for you Jakers!!!

Go Cowboys!!!!!

One year..

Another title...



S.I.F. said...

Oh that is HYSTERICAL!

I can just picture the looks on the kids faces!

Anonymous said...

You are have that nice, big ass TV sitting in your house and NO ONE is allowed to are definitely winning MEANEST mother of America!!!

Anonymous said...

About time you let my friend have his cable tv back. Big meanie!


Nikki B. said...

jes - well, yeah, had i actually not been drinking them this whole time, the word would be return. since i have beend drinking them occasionally, the word is continue!!

tim - a great day indeed.

SIF - joy all around, it's like christmas over here!

andrea - right?

vic - i didn't do this TO him, we did it together! he made the call to cut it off, and i let him cry on my shoulder. rest assured, your friend is whole again!