Sunday, August 22, 2010

Are you ready for some football?

Hell yeah!!

I had a photoshoot, and missed Jack’s first preseason game, but, since he’s been so sick, he wasn’t playing much anyway. 

But, I made it in time for Ave’s game, and it was good to be watching some football again!

Ave started at Defensive End, and it turns out the hour of being grilled by the coach at Friday’s practice for not exploding off the line fast enough, paid off!

It all came back to my boy when he was on that football field, and he did great! 

He had a sack, or two, and several tackles.

This one…was caught on camera.  He’s number 12, in the black helmet.

 He sees the handoff for the reverse…


He does not see the block coming and is blindsided by what looks to be a little illegal, helmet to helmet contact…


Avery reported that his lights flickered for a second with this hit, and he had to shake himself out of it, because he knew the play was still going on…

On his way to the ground, he lunges…

He wraps up, all he can reach…


The running back is in trouble…


Avery takes him down, for a huge loss on the play…


Get some, bitch…

Alright…Avery didn’t say that, I did, but, whatever!!


Dawn said...

If if you said it and not Avery, it was still very appropriate.

I love football. I just didn't have any boys to play it.

Great action shots. Thanks for giving me a football fix. (Hockey is still my 1st love)

Anonymous said...

That's awesome...and I bet he said it in his head!

Tim said...


First of all GO AVES!!!! You da man!

Secondly, I love that number 28 is just standing there in like the last 3 pictures with his hands on his head. You can just see him thinking WTF?? Hilarious.

Good stuff here nikki.