Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Last summer...

When complaining about this crazy summer of mine, Jake, always the one to show me another perspective, was quick to remind me, that this summer, as stressful as it was...didn't hold a candle to last.

We had this conversation last week, and I was reminded of it when commenting on another blog...

The Great Lice Debacle of 2008.

How could I forget. Last summer is our measuring stick, for all things catastrophic. And it's a damn good one, too.

Me: "So, Honey, the doc said it was pneumonia."

Him: "Oh, whew, at least it's not lice."

Me: *gasping for air* "Yeah, I know, right!"


Him: "Avery was up all night with a fever of 104, and vomitting."

Me: "Oh no...you don't think it's lice? Do you?"


Me: "The doctor wants to run some tests on my kidneys, rule a few things out."

Him: "But, he already ruled out lice, right? Shouldn't we rule that out first?! I don't know what I'd do with out you, if you got lice."

My hair may be falling out this summer from the stress, but, at least it's not falling out from the lice!!

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