Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I don't want to be a Mommy-Blogger...

I just want to be a mom who blogs.

I stumbled across THIS little gem, today, and subsequentally lost all faith in humanity.

Here, in case you don't feel like travelling, here's an excerpt:

"So, do you have a heart-wrenching tale of job loss, home foreclosure, medical expenses, or business failure? Perhaps you simply want a vacation or liposuction. It really doesn't matter... as long as your story strikes a chord with your Internet audience, you will assuredly start raking in the dough.

Otherwise known as "cyber-begging," asking for money online is the modern version of traditional panhandling. It involves asking strangers for money to meet a perceived or stated need. In a quote from Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, "Internet begging has the clear advantage to street panhandling in that it can be practiced with relative anonymity, thereby eliminating or reducing the shame and disgrace apparent of begging in public."

THIS is what we're using technology for?

I've seen it, all around the blogosphere, but, I didn't realize there was a "how to" for preying on people's emotions.

I know this is a broad generalization, and there are exceptions, no doubt...but, I've always had a big problem with the sick kid and dying baby buttons that link back to a blog with advertisers and/or a donate button. I have no problem with people making money blogging, but, using your sick kid to lure people to your site??? That's low, IMO.

I think it's a gimmick, it's exploitive, and it offends me.

However, I've had a home forclosed on, a bankruptcy, we all have medical expenses, my husband hasn't lost his job, yet, but it's a possibility, I desperately need a vacation, and a tummy tuck would be lovely after carrying all these flippin' kids!!! Maybe I should try it!!

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