Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Here's to you...

My house is a wreck.

We're buying and selling on craigslist, and in the process of getting new (to us) beds for our room and the boys' rooms. The amount of SHIT that collects under the beds of children IS INCREDIBLE!!! Utterly disgusting...and incredible.

So, my usually messy house looks like a fucking tsunami has torn through it.

It's a nightmare. I'm covered up with class for the next two weeks, and it doesn't look like my house will be put back together until the fall.


I'm tired.

All you moms out there who do it all...here's to you.

Here's to the moms who keep their houses spotless and "company ready" at all times. *I require 24 hour notice on all visits, or you will not be allowed to enter the premises.*

Here's to the moms who keep up with their laundry. *Don't judge me when you see me in the same pants for three days straight.*

Here's to the moms who cook three squares a day. *If it weren't for peanut butter, goldfish, cereal, and popcorn...my kids would be dead.*

Here's to the moms who discipline their children without raising their voices. *Try living with my kids...I give you 24 hours and you'll be screaming like a banshee.*

Here's to the moms who have floors so clean you could eat off of them. *I recommend using a plate.*

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