Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Don’t tell my husband I blogged this…

I’m sick.  After about a month of trying everything that my nursing textbooks taught me on how to rid fluid from one’s ears, I gave in and went to the doc, yesterday. 

I have a double ear infection. 

And apparently, I’m a two year old. 

Steroid shot and antibiotic shot in the ass yesterday didn’t yield an overwhelming result, and I started a round of antibiotics today, still feeling crummy, grouchy, running fever, can’t hear worth a damn, ear hurts like hell, stressed to the max about this semester, a million things to do, and not one iota of energy or gumption to do even one of them. 

So, what is a grown ass woman who feels like shit and is alone in her home to do?

She texts her husband and whines to him. 

*It’s confirmed…I’m two years old!!*

Me:  Don’t feel better, my love.  Still running fever.  Even with Tylenol all day.  I need you to nurse me back to health. 

*I even added one of those little sad face crying emoticons for effect…like this one Crying face*

And the compassionate, caring, empathetic, Nightingale-ish husband of mine, texted me back:

Him:  I’m on my way home now, stopping by to get dinner.  Don’t worry about that.  Get in bed, I’ll be there soon.  Would you like a shake?  Or, some ice cream?  Anything from the pharmacy?  I love you more than life itself and it almost makes me ill to know that you’re not feeling well.  I’ll give you a massage after I do the kids’ homework with them, and run you a bath.  See you in 30 minutes.  My nursing techniques are invasive as hell! 

Men…they think that “thing” of theirs is the answer to everything! 

And, yeah…please don’t tell my husband I blogged this! 


This Daddy said...

We must have gone to the same Med School, cause I always tell Tracy that my "Thang" can cure whatever ales her.

Tracy said...

You crack me up!! Missed you blogging too BTW.

Candi said...

I am so sorry that you feel bad!! I PRAY that I don't get sick ever during school. On breaks it's fine, but during school I just couldn't handle it. I hope you feel better soon. And btw your husband ain't right!!

Lindsey @ The Hill House said...

Ha! Why do guys think that is a cure-all?? Hope you feel better soon so you can get back to everything else you have going on.

Kameron said...

They are always good for an offer of sex. It is not the cure-all men!

Tim said...

It is the answer to everything. He's got the answer. Im telling you hes right on this one. Trust me, you should know from nursing school that an orgasm numbs all your nerves and takes away ANY and ALL pain you are feeling. Just go and try it if you dont believe me.

And any of you women haters that say he aint right, just aint had none lately. LOL

Damn, that felt good to say!