Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I use-tuh think I was smart...then, I started nursing school.

I have one test to score an 83 on today and one I have to show up for on Thursday...then this bitch is done!

Until August.

God help us all come August!


This Daddy said...

I never thought I would find myself saying this but, but but

I miss you and your funny stories.

Hope the edumakation is going gud and you will be having your own Greys Anatomy show soon.

And please tell your husband that I am planning something very bad for the Dallas Mav's after killing my Lakers

Kameron said...

Keep it up sweetie! You're almost to a breathing point! Great job!

heidi said...

Bitch, bitch, bitch. Just git r done, already.

;-) mwah

Bridget said...

Almost there! Good luck on your tests :D

Kimmy said...

Good luck!!! I can't wait for you to back though! I agree with This Daddy, I miss you and your funny stories also!!