Friday, February 4, 2011

Losin’ it…

We’ve been snowed in here for the past four days.  In Texas.  SNOWED IN.  FOR FOUR FRICKIN’ DAYS!!!

It’s craziness.  In the beginning, it was exciting.  We were all like, “Oooooooo…ICE!  It’s so slippy.  Look, I’m slippin’!”  Right up until Jack slipped and fell and I’m pretty sure was concussed.  It’s all fun and games until JACK someone  gets a concussion!

We drank coffee until we ran out of sugar, and we ate until we ran out of toilet paper. 

On the third day, signs of the beginnings of the stir craziness began to emerge.  It was then that we decided, “eff the coffee…we need vodka!” 

Day four, the snow came.  As Texans, we do not have waterproof winter gear suitable for a romp in the snow.  Since this is true, the other 50,000 Texans who live in the vicinity of our WalMart don’t have proper attire either!  They were out of everything waterproof, so I had to get creative.  I donned my children in my latex gloves from my school skills pack, placed their warmer gloves on top…layered them over and over…slapped a toboggan (i’ve heard that you northerners slide down hills on your toboggans…but, down here in the south, we wear ours on our heads!) on their heads…and released them back into the wild.  It was glorious…as was the two hours of peace that ensued while their were only adults in the house!!

As for Jobin…


he’s handling the snow fairly well.  He actually likes to run through it, in spite of his unfortunate anatomy, and his man parts dangling into the drifts of snow.  He likes it.

But, he’s been a bit stir crazy, too.  He’s been chasing his tail (literally) for the past few days.  He flies around the kitchen at mach speed trying to burn off as much of his energy as he can. 

And just now? 

Just now I rewarded the furball with his first taste of peanut butter, slathered on a chew toy, and laid out for him to enjoy.  He was silent for a good thirty minutes as he lapped up every last dollop of his delectable treat. 

When he was done…I heard the jingle of his collar and the clicking of his claws as he headed my way.  He nudged my bedroom door open, and jumped up on my bed.  He came straight over to me, grabbed my arm with his front paws, and began to hump me (his first official hump I might add), with lipstick out and all. 

He’s either lost his ever lovin’ mind….or he was ever so grateful for my generosity in bestowing him with his first taste of the peanut butter.  

In the case of the latter, Jobin, dude, you’re welcome.  Any time.  Just please…PUT. AWAY. THE LIPSTICK!!!


theagnosticswife said...

haha lipstick! I've never heard it called that but it fits!

JJB said...

I am

Sarah Q said...

ew. the red rocket is the WORST!!

Kameron said...

You are quite the resourceful one. I too am sick of the snow. Our snow has been here since Dec 26th. Feel free to feel bad for me now. Thanks.