Sunday, September 28, 2008

A little scared of the dark...

This pic is hilarious! The kid is so afraid of the dark it's ridiculous! We go through the same thing every night...making sure that just enough lights are left on and the door is left cracked open just enough. It takes several attempts and usually about 30-45 minutes to achieve the perfect combination! Most nights, before I go to bed...I go in to check on him and he has shut his door and is sound asleep with the lights on. This particular night...I found him surrounded with weapons and "dudes" to protect him.

I don't worry so much...Lily was the same way. Then, one day...out of the blue, she said..."I'm not afraid of the dark anymore." And, that was it...she wasn't. She now turns out her light, shuts her door and complains if any light from Jack's many night lights seep under her door.
Until then, we'll keep him locked and loaded and ready to go...just in case there are things that go bump in the night!


Kel said...

That is so funny!! I think Klayton is still somewhat scared of the dark. I can't believe its been almost 10 years since Joey passed. I know I have told you this before but you are one of the strongest women I know. I will pray for you. Keep coming with all the funny things your kids do, I LOVE reading it.