Wednesday, March 23, 2011


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I'm one of those people who, when there is a shit ton of stuff stacked in front of me to do, I shut the frick down. I can't make to-do lists, because the list is too daunting, and I quit before I even begin.  When the house is a wreck, instead of tackling one room at a time, I get overwhelmed, and I don't do shit.  

It's not an efficient way to be.  

As much as I remind myself to take one day at a time with this nursing school gig...I have a really hard time not seeing all of the next 2.5 semesters worth of days, all piled on top of one another.  And you know what?  If you pile up a shit ton of mole hills, you know whatcha get?  Well, it's not exactly a mountain, but it sure as hell looks like one.  

I don't do well with mountains.  I like my mole hills few and far between.  So few and far between that they can never be misconstrued as anything remotely resembling a mountain.  

You know what else?  

Who's bright idea was it to get off the happy pills just a few short months before starting nursing school?  Idiot!  If I met that person in a dark alley...I'd...I'd...score her some happy pills.  That's what I'd do!!  



Dawn said...

I am the same way you are to a degree. If I get overwhelmed with a task, I have to do everything in my power not to run away.

I just pick something small and hope it goes further. Sometimes it works out, other times, I just give up and walk away.

Anyway, as I was reading your post I was trying hard not to laugh because I understood your mindset.

But damn...if you don't want me to laugh...stop writing things in such a funny & amusing way.

Good luck whittling down your mole hills. I'm rooting for you.


Andrea said...

You get a break for summer, right?? Have a beer, pull up your big girl, granny panties and look at it this way...once you're done you'll never have to open another book can turn into one of those nurses who acts like she knows everything and doesn't listen to anything her patients have to say ;) good times!

Tracy said...

So how is Nursing school going?

Kimmy said...

LOL!! Yeah' I'm not much of a "to do" list maker either. When I'm trying to tackle the house, I start with the laundry, get sidetracked and start doing the dishes then stop to go get a new towel for the kitchen and then start folding slothes in the bedroom and on the way back to the kitchen, I'll make my way in with the! ;O)

Kameron said...

I am a list kind of person. I love the satisfaction of crossing things off. Unfortunately I start with the easy stuff and am leaft with the herd crap. Maybe lists aren't the way to go! Good luck finishing this semester!

Jes said...

I'm just now reading and catching up on your blog posts... but I'm the same way. I get overwhelmed easy, and when I do I can't do anything. It sucks! I just keep looking around seeing all that needs to be done and the more I look the more overwhelmed I become and the more overwhelmed I become the more I look! It's a crazy cycle and I'm think I might need some of those happy pills!