Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy

OK...Avery is 8 and last Christmas he was very suspicious of Santa Claus. Not quite believing that a fat man in fur slips down the chimney in the middle of the night and leaves them presents...he was on to us! So this year we decided that we should probably explain about the spirit of Christmas...yada, yada, yada and tell him that the whole Santa thing was all a hoax, but please don't tell his brother and sister.

Last week he is riding his Razor motorcycle with his helmet that Santa brought him a few years ago and he comes in to say.."Mom..Santa didn't bring this helmet..you and Dad bought it, look, the price tag is still on it!" What losers we are to leave the price tag on, right? So, not wanting to bold face lie, I said that Santa probably can't make helmets and maybe he got it at a store. I could tell by the look on Avery's face...he wasn't buying it. He says "Mom, Santa doesn't have any money...he couldn't buy it." I'm thinking...my boy is growing up...he's too logical and smart for fairy tales and make believe...the magic of his childhood is coming to and end. Just when I'm preparing to break the news to him...his eyes light up. This is what he says..."Oohhhhh...I know Mom...the Tooth Fairy bought it for him...she's LOADED!!"

So, the magic lives on and this Christmas Avery may copy the Tooth Fairy on his letter to Santa!