Thursday, October 27, 2011

Everyday he’s shuffling…

On Monday, he’s shuffling.  Tuesday?  He shuffles.  Even on Wednesday…he shuffled…

♫ wiggle – wiggle – wiggle – wiggle – wiggle… ♫


♫ YEAH! ♫


Every gosh darn day…the boy’s shuffling!

Halloween is going to be a blast this year!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

It’s been 2 months and 7 days since my last post…

And I’ve just fallen off the wagon.  I could go on and on with all the things I was doing, rather than blogging…but,…well…on second thought.  That’s exactly what I’ll do.  But, I’ll do it in pictures, so as not to bore with you a ridiculous diatribe about how crazy busy we’ve been.  Deal? 

We’ve been crazy busy…I know I said I wouldn’t bore you with that…but, it’s the truth.  Cold hard truth.  We’re busier than we’ve been.  Things are going as smoothly as they’ve ever been.  People in the house seem as happy as they’ve ever been.  Well, strike that…MOST of the people in the house.  Actually all the little people in the house are happy.  Us big people are stressing the fuck out.  Jake’s arms ache from stretching things so much to make ends meet, and Tuesday, I almost committed homicide.  My clinical professor pissed me off so badly that all I could do was cry.  I had to release the anger inside, and since murdering your clinical instructor is frowned upon in the nursing program…I had to cry to let it all out.  Like a little bitch.  For four hours.  AT CLINICAL!!!!  Oh well, at least the bitch is still alive.  Unless she was struck down by lightning during that storm the other night…which I swear I didn’t pray to God for.  I still don’t pray.  If I did, I may have prayed for lightning to strike her a little bit.  Just a little…just enough to singe the hair right off her head, and maybe fry some of the bitch out of her. 

Dude…I digress…sorry….

On with the pictures!!!  This is what’s been happening for the last two months and seven days…

We’re finding cheap ways to entertain the family…


Our biggest boy broke his arm.  At a skate park. 
He doesn’t know how to skateboard…hence the broken arm! 


All the monkeys started school…


Including me…


By the way, did I tell you that I almost murdered my clinical instructor, but, instead cried like a bitch?  If I could change one thing about myself, instead of crying like a bitch when I’m angry, I would be instantly given the most perfect recipe of wit, and snark, and truth without cutdowns, delivered to my brain then my tongue to unleash on the object of my anger.  Instead…tears, puffy eyes, red nose, sniffling…yeah…that just SCREAMS, “You’re a shitty instructor, and one day I’ll be your boss and fire YOU’RE sorry ass!”

Again with the digression…

This one kicks ass on the football field with his BFF.  We call them “Shake and Bake!”


This one plays a mean trumpet.  We call him Dizzy…


These guys are all a year older…


Us girls are going for our black belts.  Lily in Tae Kwon Do, me, in Nursing…


This one is playing fall baseball…


And this one spent a night in the hospital.  He developed a nasty infection from a bug bite that he’s allergic to, and he had major swelling to his family jewels.  The docs were worried about his boys, so they kept him overnight.  His boys are fine now, and my boy is back to his old self!


That’s about it…we should be caught up. 

I’ve missed this place. 

Happy Friday’s Eve!