Wednesday, November 12, 2008

You talking to me?

Many moons ago, when The One Who Knows Everything (later referred to as TOWKE) was a wee lad...and I'm talking 18 months old, or so...he started calling me Nikki. I think most kids do it at some point when they're learning that you are other things to other people...and not only their mom. We would correct him and say, "No, not Nikki, Momma." Well that kinda took a wrong turn somewhere and before long TOWKE was calling me, "Nikki the Momma."

It always reminded me of that show Dinosaurs. Do ya'll remember that show? When the baby would say, "Not the Momma, not the Momma," and beat the dad over the head with something. Wow...thank God for reality television, right??!!??

I later joked that 'Nikki the Momma' would be my name if I was a gangster. Instead of Tony Curtains, or Jimmy The know what I'm talking about. What would your gangster name be?


Kameron said...

I just saw this post again. Nathan has started calling me Honey since that's whatthe hubbs calls me. No matter how many times I tell him, no Mommy, he points and says both.