Wednesday, July 2, 2008

We are sorry to inform you...

We get a call from the newspaper last night about our subscription. Apparently our account has fallen behind and we owe the people some money. I'm thinking...oh yeah, maybe I didn't pay that yet. I'm feeling bad, getting out my checkbook ready to reconcile my delinquent account. I can hear the lady typing in the background as she is pulling up my account information. There is a pause and then she informs me that my account is in the rears a bank breaking...are you ready?...$0.17. Yes that is a whopping ZERO dollars and 17 cents!

She is still quiet waiting for me to say something...and I like don't even know what to do. Can you even write a check for $0.17. She tells me I can mail the check in...seriously??? SERIOUSLY...I'm supposed to pay $0.42 to mail in a $0.17 check written on paper and stuffed inside an envelope that probably cost more than what I actually owe company..."to prevent my account from falling further behind!!!" I told the lady if she would dig in her purse for a dime, a nickel and two pennies and spot me the 17 cents...I would mail her a quarter for her trouble. She didn't like that too much and reminded me of my financial responsibilities. So, I let her draft the 17 cents out of my bank account and we are now in good standing with the Dallas Morning News.